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?????????????,??????????,??????,??????????????? Turnout is put a rail branch into two or more than two track
The locomotive is composed of a line is transferred to another line of the basic settings
Turnout number using crossing number to represent the angle, fork heart on both sides of the working edge,
called the crossing angle, crossing angle of the cotangent value called a marsupial frog.


Common switch is divided into single turnout turnout, symmetrical, Double Slip Switches and cross line





Single switch is one of the most common railway fittings, a movable turnout frog, refers to individual components can be moved, by what card train poor when trajectories are continuous, the elimination of single open harmful space existing fixed frog turnout, but also cancel the guard rail, and geometric single turnout frog in longitudinal section the ride can also be greatly reduced, thereby significantly reducing the interaction between single turnout frog parts of the wheel / rail, improve the operation and stability, prolong the service life of the frog.




The selection of switch number principle: should and through the speed, traction type, traffic density matched related regulations and in line with the national and the Ministry of railways.



Turnout is allowed to pass through the speed straight into the lateral to and two


On the switch to allow straight through the provisions of the speed






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Common problems and Solutions



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According to the rail type, switch can be divided into linear split switch and curve split switch two. The technical features of linear split switch is the switch rail is short, two rail symmetric manufacturing, with end is a movable joint, pulling the flexibility, stability is a bit poor, need to configure a switch machine, lateral allowable by typically 30 km / h. The technical characteristics of sharp rail turnout switch rail curve is longer, two rail can not be symmetrical with the end of manufacturing, using the joint splint connection, good stability, need to be configured to two or more switch machine, lateral allowable by typically 35 km/h. 60 kg/m rail straight switch and curve rail turnout No. 9 are widely used in urban rail transit projects in China, are relatively mature and reliable technology.



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1, to reduce the rail with end interval size to meet the requirements of kinetic energy loss;
2, plus a large turnout of guide curve radius to meet the unbalanced centrifugal acceleration and the unbalanced centrifugal acceleration time variable rate requirements, at the same time, proper redundancy;
3, plus a large turnout of guide curve radius is should ensure that the frog heel and the guide rail on curves round Shun cohesion;
4, to reduce the rail with end interval size can be realized in the structure design.



????:LQ= 29 986 mm;
??????:a =14 256 mm;
??????:b =15 730 mm;
??????????:q =2 410 mm;
????:L0= 6 450 mm;
?????????????:t + b =144 mm;
?????????:R=190 m;
?????????:K=1 558 mm;
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Turnout general layout design using linear rail, linear frog, curved guide curve, according to the need of insulation is arranged in the straight strands or side shares, such as shown in figure below, the main dimensions are as follows:
The total length of the switch: LQ= 29986 mm;
Switch front length: a =14 256 mm;
Switch back end length: B =15 730 mm;
Tongue tip before a basic rail length: Q =2 410 mm;
Rail length: L0= 6450 mm;
Rail with end of the working side and the basic rail distance: T + B =144 mm;
The center of the line guide curve radius: R=190 m;
Insert the frog front end section: K=1 558 mm;
The frog and the guard part adopts the structure type and the same original switches.


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